Professional/policing knowledge exchange

In 2013 we dedicated time to three large meetings in the UK, Brussels and the USA to enable the sharing of professional knowledges around ‘geographies of missingness’: the pivot of these meetings were the findings of our research project which generated new knowledge exchange opportunities between international police officers and third sector and academic researchers as well as families of missing people.

‘I believe the work being done to really understand what happens when people go missing is crucial to improving the police response. Listening to a presentation on the findings so far made a huge impact on me and gave me a greater insight into the psyche of those who go missing, than anything I had experienced in the past 30 years. This work will provide a sound foundation for the future development of police tactics and indeed the way in which the public in general can better understand those who go missing’ Chief Constable Pat Geenty, Wiltshire Constabulary and UK Police Lead for Missing Persons, 2013