New Public Conversations and Awareness

In 2011 and 2013 the Glasgow based team members worked hard to create new public conversations about missing people: Hester Parr (with GES colleague, Hayden Lorimer) mounted a conference in Glasgow University in 2011 called ‘Excursions’, which featured a performance of ‘Sophie’s story’ a creative-verbatim account of a missing journey. Using this experience, Hester produced a public knowledge dissemination and exchange strategy based on ‘storying journeys’, and Hester and Olivia wrote 10 ‘missing stories’ from 45 returned missing person’s interviews.

‘The stories launched in this project allow us to hear, for the first time, the voices of people who have been missing in the past. [T]hese are stories that we have to hear, and we have to share. We must learn from them. And we owe this team out thanks for bringing us these stories, as we owe our thanks to those people who bravely shared with them their most personal stories.’ Lucy Holmes, Research Manager, Missing People Charity

The team also collaborated with RAW TV to help their development of a TV documentary on Missing People. The programme reached 2.6 million viewers on various C4 platforms in April, 2014.